The Moonwalkers

Giant Steps


Royal Philharmonic Orchestra


The Moonwalkers at Lightroom in London’s Kings Cross is an immersive journey through the Apollo missions.

In this behind-the-scenes film, we capture the collaborative effort between acclaimed composer Anne Nikitin and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as they brought the original orchestral score for the Moonwalkers to life.

The Moonwalkers is co-written by Tom Hanks and Christopher Riley, and directed and designed by 59 Productions.

Telling the stories of the Apollo missions in intimate detail, The Moonwalkers also provides an insight into the impending return of crewed surface missions by going behind the scenes of the Artemis programme, including interviews between Tom Hanks and Artemis astronauts.

Anne Nikitin Profile
Holoplot Cutdown

Anne Nikitin Profile

Holoplot Cutdown

Shot over two days at London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios, we speak to members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor and orchestrator Tom Kelly, composer Anne Nikitin and hear from co-writer and producer Tom Hanks.