Maintaining Music

Building Relationships

Philharmonia Orchestra

Maintaining Music is a new series of films I’m making for the Philharmonia Orchestra. The series highlights the relationships between Philharmonia musicians and the craftspeople who build and maintain their instruments. Talented and trusted craftspeople ensure the players feel confident and comfortable with their valuable instruments. This series reveals how human connections are critical to a customised, working instrument.

French Horn

Kira Doherty, the Philharmonia’s No. 2 Horn, brings her instrument to Woodhead Horns. Inside, Luke and Heidi Woodhead offer their expertise and specialised services to repair Kira’s horn, and provide friendly chat.

"We try not to talk about our family when we're at work or the French Horn when we're outside of work"


For 40 years, the Philharmonia’s Joint Principal Clarinet, Mark van de Wiel, has trusted Graham with his 1974 Buffet Crampon Clarinets. For a busy, top-level player like Mark, these instruments are unusually old. Still, thanks to Graham’s expert care and attention, they continue to sound consonant on stages worldwide.