It was great to work with the new identity and designs for the Britten Sinfonia 2016-2017 Trailer.

We chose to stay close the the print design and were provided with some great assets by the designers, Cubiq. These assets were combined with footage and audio we’d previously captured with the Britten Sinfonia and animated together to form the finished trailer.


This type of project has proven to be increasingly successful especially when used with targeted youTube adverts. Our challenge is, as always, to help our client communicate their message in a quick, concise and engaging manner. In the case of this film it was not so difficult, the new design work was solid and gave us lots of options for animation, we were also able to pair with some performance footage and audio we’d previously captured at Saffron Hall.


It’s very satisfying and a real credit to the designers that our video slots so perfectly into the new Britten Sinfonia website